Get to Know the Pros and Cons of working from a home office.

If you’re on the edgeof deciding whether to work from home or find an office space or hot desk, it pays to know some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Starting a small business can sometimes be challenging, but one that could potentially have a lot of great benefit. Working from home has its good and bad aspects, so let’s look at each one for you to be able to decide later.


  • Daily commute – There is nothing worse than traffic and the all-too-often road rage that usually comes with it.  Staying home in PJs while working can be a worthwhile experience in itself when you see everyone else struggling on the road.
  • Tax breaks – There are tax breaks available for those who want to work from home and set up a home-based office.  A certified accountant can help you with what does and doesn’t qualify.
  • Flexibility – Night owls can work at their leisure as well as the early risers. Need time to clean the house or run errands? There is plenty of time to do so while accomplishing your work if you manage your time well.
  • Comforts – Being at home is where the heart is.  You easily have access to your personal creature comforts, such as a favourite chair.
  • Overhead costs – Saving money on petrol, work clothes, food, and others can net you big savings in the long run.

For all the advantages, there are equivalent disadvantages that have to be considered as well. DISADVANTAGES

  •  Failure – It is a fact: about 90 per cent of businesses are destined to fail.  There is a real chance this could happen to you if you lack discipline when working on your own. 
  • The biggest challenge that my clients seem to have is being accountable, Yes ACCOUNTABILITY –  we forget when we have a job somebody’s watching what we are doing, making sure we are not spending all day on facebook, maybe we had a job description, and possibly KPI’s we had to meet. 
  • Boredom and cabin fever – Working from home may be a tad too boring for some people.  Many like to keep their home and work lives separate for such reason. 
  • Getting in too deeply – Most leave their jobs and go home to a family.  Whatever is at work can be picked up at a later day or time. When you work from home, your working hours can easily blend into your personal time.
  • Navigating the tax laws – Tax laws can be very narrow and stringent. You can claim some things and not others, you may be able to claim a % of your bills, the best person to help with this is your accountant.
  • Less Family Time – Got something you need done,but it’s dinnertime?  Do the kids want you to read to them before going to bed? Some people who work at home sometimes don’t notice that their working hours are eating their time for their family as well.

This is not to say working from home is not advantageous, but this should give you some ideason what to expect before going completely home-based.

If you need more guidance on how to pursue the path of working from home, I specialise in helping solopreneurs and micro businesses owners get on the right track. Feel free to contact me here to get to knowmore on how I can help you jumpstart your business!

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