We all encounter a level of stress on a daily basis.
But the magnitude of stress and how you handle it is what differentiates the
successes from the burnouts.

Stress is not exclusive to any one group of people.
Business owners, high school, college students, mothers, and different people
from all walks of life experience different kinds of stress.

That’s why no matter what stage you are in your
business, it’s important to get to know how to handle your stress and maintain
balance in your life. Below are some tips to help you keep sane!

1. Maximise Your Work Time

If you wish you had more time in the day to finish
your to-do list, then maybe you need to work on your time management?

We are all given the same 24 hours every day and it’s
up to us to manage that time wisely.

One simple solution: go unplugged for an hour and focus
on one task. No phone calls, no checking the weather, no social media, and no
emails. YES no social media!

Choose the most difficult task first and get that off
your to-do list. You might be surprised at how little time it took to complete
that task and then you’ll feel motivated to do more. At the end of the hour,
reward yourself with a short break, then go back into uninterrupted work mode,
keep it up.

2. Don’t Over Extend Yourself
with Promises

Do you wake up with joy or dread? Are you excited to
get back to work or would you rather ditch work and play hooky?

Feelings of dread often occur when you keep saying “yes”
to everyone without taking yourself into account.

Of course, we want our clients to be happy but it’s
impossible to please everyone. By saying, “yes” all the time, you’re risking
your own well-being. Set boundaries with clients, use a booking system, use a
timer to make sure you don’t go over time, and schedule some much-needed you
time on your calendar to foster a healthy working environment for yourself.

3. Create a Marketing Plan to
Gain More Clients

Another area of business stress centers on finances
and worrying if you’ll have enough paying customers to cover your bills.

It’s a legitimate concern, what you need is the right
strategy to attract prospects on a consistent basis — not constant worrying. Consider
what forms of marketing do you want to use? Which social media platforms? Where
are your ideal prospects hanging out? And how do you reach them.

Utilise the free or inexpensive marketing avenues
first before jumping into costly advertising campaigns. And if you’re
inexperienced with social media or running a Facebook Ad campaign, outsource it
or at least hire someone who can train you in the best practices!

Handling Business Stress

If you are in overwhelm, you’re not on your own, it
happens to the best of us, ask yourself this question – “Can I achieve what I
want on my own?” And if the answer is no and you would like some support check
out my site, LisaPenson.com,
or contact me here.

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