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Frequently Asked

Where are you based?

I live in the Blue Mountains 90 minutes west 0f Sydney Australia, I do all my coaching online.

How often do you work with your clients?

This very much depends on the client, some I work with every week and others every month, some of my longer-term clients I work with ad hoc when they need a little extra support

What if I don't have a busienss and I just want to brainstorm some ideas?

Its a great idea to do this for a one-off session to help you clarify if the idea you have is worth investigating more.

Online Coaching Resources

Am I cut out to be a Solopreneur?

Ever thought do you have what it takes to be a small business owner? What do I need to learn? where am I really at in my business journey? If you would like to do a bit of self-discovery as you only know what you know … this is the checklist for you.

17 Steps To Manifest Success In Your Solopreneur Business

You may think this is woohoo woohoo so did I until I gave it a go. This checklist can help you change your thinking and mindset if you are open to being successful.

12 Month Turnover Tracker

Not sure how to track your numbers, this spreadsheet will help you set your targets and let you know exactly how close to the target you are every month as you add your monthly sales. It breaks down your financial goal into the month, week, and daily targets.

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